Friday, November 28, 2008

LolliShops Launch

As I wait for notification of the launch of LolliShops that is expected today, I thought I'd give those of you who've asked and those of you who've landed here an idea of what I have planned.

I have been thrilled and humbled by the success of MamaDama Designs over the last couple of years, especially here on the Internet. My primary site at Etsy and the spinoff shops I have there have kept me as busy as I'd like to be and I love the community there.

When I came accross the opportunity of LolliShops it just tickled my girly, cottagey, shabby chic side! I just love cottage florals and paisleys. Fabrics that remind me of vintage wallpaper and fabric remind me of browsing antiques and estates with my mother as a child. My personal style is a more classic look by work day and eclectic cottage the rest of the time.

Soo.o.o.o.o I think this blend of venues is going to be just right for me!
MamaDama's Cottage will be found at LolliShops. And all the rest, including the classic prints I love, and the "critters" and novelty fabric choices I get so many requests for on Etsy and at my local markets will be in my MamaDama Designs shop at Etsy. I'll continue an expression of my paper addiction on QuoteNotes at Etsy and my stash overflow at Chickadee Fabrics.

I'll keep a feed of mixed "samples" here on the side, but here are a couple of new items that will be found at LolliShops.

Fun and Frou Frou

Sweet Shabby Chic

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Crab Apple Designs said...

I love your little blog - so pretty! Your items suit my taste nicely as well. Cupcake fans unite!!