Sunday, November 9, 2008

Aren't these the Cutest!?

I found these wonderful little outfits in a sweet little shop with some of the most delicious designs.
It's called PishPoshGirls.
See, it pays to just click around sometimes!

Take a peek for yourself at


Art Belongs Everywhere! said...

These ARE so cute!

Mama Dama Designs said...

I agree! I just love them

Joelle said...

I am in love with these outfits!
I want that top pic. for me & my daughter ! ; )
Love it!
Ohhhh Please everyone buy from me!! I need one in every print & color & every ruffel & pleat... hehehe...ohhh this caught me off gaurd!
Thanks for sharing!
Your a doll!
Joelle XO